Saeed Mohebbi, Jr.
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Saeed Mohebbi, Jr.

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The process of home buying and selling can be daunting. That why you need me, a passionate and driven realtor who creates a significant experience comprising of excellent customer service and smooth real estate transaction. As a reliable realtor, I work tirelessly to ensure each motivated individual legally and happily possess a home that suits their needs. With my vast knowledge of the market trends, I offer honest counsel to the clients to help them make informed decisions and assist them with credit repair services. I bring a sophisticated and stylish approach to the industry by being a good listener who understands the clients’ needs in detail and exceeds their expectations. 

Prior to being a realtor, I attained an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA from MD University. My degree of competence comes from over 15 years of experience as a Restaurant Operator. I am equipped with communication, marketing, business, leadership, and interpersonal skills that are contributing to my success as a realtor. I won the Rookie of the year 2020 award for my office and I have built a reputation as an expert at selling homes in under one week and at the price quoted by the seller or more. My aim is to make an impact in the community by educating others on the importance of buying a house instead of renting and helping them in achieving that dream. Whether a buyer or seller, you will appreciate my outstanding competence, energy, integrity, and proven ability to negotiate the best deal and deliver high-end services. 

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